(trigger warning for trans* violence, rape, police brutality)


These are graph from “Injustice at Every Turn” showing rate of sexual assault in jail/prison. The first graph is the rates of sexual assaults for trans women by race. The rates break down as follows:

  • Nineteen percent of all trans women who went to jail/prison
  • Thirty-eight percent of Black trans women
  • Thirty percent of America Indians trans women
  • Twenty-five percent of trans Latinas
  • Twenty-four percent of multiracial trans women
  • Twelve percent of White trans women
  • Too small of a sample to report for Asian Pacific Islander trans women

According to “Injustice at Every Turn,” a report of institutionalized discrimination against trans people: “Transgender women of color were particularly vulnerable to sexual assault in jail/prison. Thirty-eight percent (38%) of Black [trans women] respondents reported being sexually assaulted by either another inmate or a staff member in jail/prison.”

Multiracial, Latina, Black and American Indian trans women are twice to more then three times as likely as White trans women to be sexually assaulted in prison.

This is the only statistic in the report that simultaneously accounts for both the race and gender of participants. Taken by themselves trans women and trans people of color experience higher rates of discrimination than trans men, nonbinary and white trans people.

The second graph shows sexual assault rates in prison/jail by gender. The rates are for trans women:

  • Eighteen percent by inmates
  • Seven percent by staff
  • Twenty percent by anyone

For trans men:

  • Two percent by inmates
  • Four percent by staff
  • Six percent by anyone

For all trans people:

  • Fourteen percent by inmates
  • Seven percent by staff
  • Sixteen percent by anyone

Gender nonconforming people:

  • Six percent by inmates
  • Four percent by staff
  • Eight percent by anyone

Trans women in jail/prison are three to nine times as likely to be sexually assaulted by inmates, nearly twice as likely to be sexually assaulted by staff, and about three (2.5 - 3.33) times as likely to be sexually assaulted by anyone when compared to trans men and gender nonconforming people in jail/prison.

The third graph shows sexual assault rates in prison/jail by race. These break down for all trans people who went to jail/prison:

  • Thirteen percent by inmates
  • Six percent by staff
  • Fifteen percent by anyone

American Indians (sample size too small for reliable analysis):

  • Twenty-seven percent by inmates
  • Eighteen percent by staff
  • Twenty-seven percent by anyone

Asian Pacific Islander (sample size too small for reliable analysis):

  • Six percent by inmates
  • Six percent by staff
  • Eleven percent by anyone


  • Thirty-two percent by inmates
  • Nine percent by staff
  • Thirty-four percent by anyone


  • Twenty-one percent by inmates
  • Seven percent by staff
  • Twenty-four percent by anyone


  • Seven percent by inmates
  • Four percent by staff
  • Nine percent by anyone


  • Fourteen percent by inmates
  • Eight percent by staff
  • Sixteen percent by anyone

With a similar break down to that of the first graph showing race and gender, trans people of color in jail/prison are significantly more likely to be sexually assaulted when compared to White trans people in jail/prison.

I’m always really curious because the data for Asians seems to be low for a lot of studies… Makes me want to get out there in the field and do research.

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